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Let us continue the topic
We came to a conclusion that "let us be an human being in simple."

But in present environment, is it possible?

How much it is?

In ancient days, people exchanged goods for goods according to their requirement

But trade was more complicated and difficult with the practice.

Hence our ancestors tried and find a solution-a mediator-a medium to access the goods called money

A mediator has now turned to be The King of World

To live in this world it becomes necessary to have rupees,dollars,euros,yen,yuans,francs,pounds,ringgits,rands,dinaras and so on simply money

Up-to your life in this earth requires Money-The Agent turned King

Let us see before and after your life span, later!.

Is Money alone the Fulfiller of our Life?
Of course...
It is 25% [that is also due to our personal day to day needs]

But 75%?

Let us put a pause to this topic

In common there is a proverb
Everybody think something as the best which they are away from it/which they don't have and vice versa
People without money think that People with Money are well settled.
People with money either think without money may have been better or need to be first in their group

Let us the play the 75%..!
in the next meeting
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