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The ATK - Money

Good morning friends
let us play, the balance 75%
It is an indicative only.May be high than this % in reality

We require peace n joy in the form of satisfaction.
Satisfaction ???
is it an fulfilled affection,aim,achievement,prolonged luxury

Let us try it raw to get close

Say you are aiming to buy-build an house of your own/trying-working hard to source the money and finally you have achieved it

You may feel happy and think fully satisfied??

Your aim may have been achieved-completed but satisfaction?

Likewise for your children-counterpart-relatives-friends

A fulfillment of affection-aim, An achievement may be completed-attained but satisfaction not guaranteed. Because problems relating to them awaiting in future.

Peace of Mind and Satisfied Life are something different words for us-frankly saying became so.

We have forgotten the same.

It is not necessary to know you everybody in this Universe.



A selfless help in the need, An harmless advice in the dark, A charming encourage in the light does more satisfaction to you and the recipient than what Money does

Money may attract people-more people-even the whole world for not only showing affection on you, for not only having passion on you but to attain it somehow-possibly

A negligence from an unknown stranger is more higher than that of your people's love who are coming for your money

If we think, that with enough money to lead a luxurious life and manage with it alone, it may be possible by half, if you are healthy.

Money an agent turned King converted every human service in to a profession

Of course, it may be due to the mindset of people, it became the reason.

Let us conclude this chap here itself..!
Money does not mean your life.When TIME comes even money could not stop it.

So it is evident that MONEY is being made as essential by us but not in real

Let us have a break to digest-analyze the hard fact.

Is impossible to live without MONEY?

Let us meet tomorrow


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