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Birth Cont003

A warm good morning friends
Nice to see you here, after a long gap, friends!
Hope you all had gone through the early post Birth Cont002
Like the children growing since birth, as we all know!, the grand children of this earth, learnt to live a life that is quite somewhat interesting, horrible and enjoyable too!
The ups and downs, the change in climate, the air, the sun, environment taught them to live accordingly.
All of them were not identical as it is common even now! Some of the intelligent kids made note of the changes for a whole life span of them and their consequent generations, which in term helped the new ones to develop and analyze from that position.
It's like a Spider man story (In tamil it is like a Mayavi comic story) who has no death.
At some stage, they predicted, calculated the future too and found them happened. May be! who knows the current generation of those intelligent may have had arrived the next phase of human life in earth too!

I hope to pause this lean with a final statement,
the birth of human being in this earth had not happened either at the same time or the someone later/earlier.

It should be an event that happened according to the biography of that area and the opportunities to survive!

Since the birth in earth, we follow our earlier generation, by years, son imitates father and daughter imitates mother. Additionally the experiences and results of combination of father and mother are available for their children.
What is the use of those knowledge for the welfare of human development?
How many of us even know that their experiences and customs would reflect in their kids?
How many of us try to correct ourselves to bring our children with those risk free, genuine habits?
We know all the goods and evils in the earth.
We studied about them and so kept our kids!
Left our kids to only study and not insisted to follow practically.
of course!
You are not the one to be blamed for that!
But, Yes!
You would be the one to be blamed for that if you do not correct and hand over to your kids for the injustice!!
The education to children is to live a life that is pretty good, genuine and healthy!
But what we teach them?
Insisting them to study them!
Memorize, Read, Write and Score!
Later we, ourselves, being an example in how to technically, tactically by passing those morals! (including myself), it is a shame and an injustice to our kids!
How could we clear and clean it?
Stay tuned for LEAD in the next post


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