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Birth Cont002

A warm good morning friends
I think,  all of you,  visited this page  do not understand  the page  actually or might have  accepted the post. However, thank you for the visits done by you. 34 Visits (II highest visit in the whole blog)
I believe that 34 heads  or  operating systems of a family / city / country have witnessed it.
Lean to the history!  Lean to the things  happened  so far!  Lean to  the  path crossed!

This earth gradually saturated for living beings to grow along with. The human beings - we, came up  after several stages  of  development  from  single  cell organ to this  current level of  IQ. The happenings in and around the creatures were  recorded  in  all  the  cells of  all  living beings  in  all stages. The living beings, whom used to stay with or turn towards their interested characters got experienced, expertise in that particular part.

Say  for  example, sniffing  talent in  dogs, snack's  talent of identifying living beings with the vibration,  memory power  of  Elephants and could you able to understand, that  we are  superior and more  expertise than  any one / thing / living being in this earth?

Let us see about that in later stages, in detail.

The improvement of a  living being in  to an human is an Ultimate! We are all thinking  so  or I am. But it could not be so, when we look at the past. Let us look at it later; but for now, there would be an improvement!

The human being may had taken birth some time earlier or later when compared, as a whole in earth.

We could not adjudge the human, born at a certain place is the first and the others are next. They might had taken birth as a group in all over this earth without knowing about the other persons in the other area.

The human survival on those days might be risky due to animals, nature and other humans!

The human mental development should be the foremost in the stabilization of humans as a lead power in this earth.

I wish to pause here for some while to enjoy / to think about / to live about, our ancestors' life - strategy - love with nature and themselves!

Hope you all realize and think of it! and have a nice break...!

Lean to continue in this second part of Birth

with love
your fellow being-The Human

we are in