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A very good morning friends!!!

There is a long gap between us. This was due to my shatter in concentration. Finally, the rain, which hit yesterday, turned me back right here.

You could have read my recent post, 'Unplanned' in "A Virgin Post by Vels", if not, please go through it here.

The money- The agent turned king, is not only the cause behind the loss of humanity.

Sometimes we lose ourselves for fame, affection, situation, family. Let us say as benefit in simple.

But since the majority of people falling short in humanity with the money, we had started from it.

I request you to have a recap from this post before continuing.
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Human being
We assumed ourselves as Human being for time being.
The growth of human from forest age to this 21st century (It is mere a measure by English-Christianity)
So let us drop it, from forest age to present living days,
is enormous.

The development in the lifestyle varied according to their topography, climate, weather and living beings. Some how we all had grown in our own places which is spread all over the world in this earth.

The improved skill and analysis of the nature helped the corresponding communities to grow or fall. The food might be the first discovery or inventory in those days. When his stomach is full, the leisure might brought him an improvement-a change i.e., rise of other habits and customs.

Let us have a pause to this topic. I request you all to register your views about the people in olden days. Assume them to have nothing (no language, no culture and so on). I request the interactions to be from your heart and mind not with google or any other databases or books of records.

I propose this discovery would be as below in future.

LEAN     - The topic would be analyzing with the olden day history
LEARN  - The topic would be analyzing with the current living style
LEAD     - The topic would be analyzing with the future of life in universe

I request you all to render your support to discover the hidden truth behind this birth in Universe.

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