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Dear friends

Good Day-Gentlemen and women

We have taken such a long gap.
Earlier,the reasons was to digest and think
but the extended gap was due to health and mental issues that came across.

Health problems are treated.But mental problems...?

Some of my friends asked, " is this page necessary for now..?

I am not mentioning to blame them..?
But I wish to answer them here itself (Note: I have not replied them in direct)

This may not be the question of them alone...!

Of course!
It is necessary.Because we have to clean up our minds and thoughts at this stage itself.
We are widely divided by region,religion and all the money!

The agent turned King becomes an essential for living in this world.This is because of our mindset.Who would change if you do not change this yourself..!

We should try ourselves to be honest and human to the possible extent.I do not mean to say, "Hate the Money" but to say,"Don't worship it!"

We should sacrifice our life for our children to lead life with humanity,the prime objective.


continue to discover...the forgotten treasure called LIFE!
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