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Good morning friends

Hope you all have had a nice weekend!!!

Is it impossible to live without money.
Not at all!
We require guts to say No and Yes

Because a requirement alone makes us-induces us to attain the money by all ways . So we are not fully money minded people.That we can boldly believe ourselves

It is possible to live even without Money unless we have not any requirements.

A social tradition developed by us insists us to live only with money.

a world with no boundaries,limits,buildings,trade,money----[like a raw globe-earth-an ancient earth which was given to us.]

The time we developed civilization, had brought us wider development.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

If we have made the essential things for living as common for all of us, it would have been better than the existing Ups and Downs in the society.

It is not possible to go back easily. This is just for counter clarification.

[Essential things-Agriculture/Medical/Transport/Power/Security/Administration]

In practical,now a days,
it is impossible physically to bring our dreams come true immediately.

But It is possible over years-centuries, if we start a foundation by love & affection.

A father & Mother not always had disgust or bad opinion on their kids, since they give birth to them.

If it is possible, it is also possible to love each and every human when we open our heart, wider.

Mutual development in minds alone can help this. Otherwise our helping minds may be destroyed.

Let us hope, we are the generation who may ever feel proud to say that we have done our duty to this world and our kids...

Even if we are unable to present a wonderful world to our kids,who can give?

Let us have a pause now!

See you in the next meeting
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